Monday, 22 February 2016

Custom Styling Wigs for a Natural Feel: Accessorize & Trim

You might have worn wigs to accentuate your style. Synthetic wigs have much more to offer than you may think of. Styling wisely adds volume and help you create numerous hairstyles. Wanda Maximoff wig is a wavy thick wig with beautiful texture. The wig shines just naturally and has a real hair line. The wig can be styled or trimmed as per your requirement. For instance, shedding the excess hair for creating a hair bun.

Wanda Maximoff Wig (After styling)

Inukashi wig is almost the same color but unlike a lace wig it possesses  bangs. The wig swiftly develops curls as it grows towards the tips. It can be ironed or trimmed to match your personality. Accessorizing it with a hat adds meanings to your style & give you a new yet natural feel!

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