Friday, 26 February 2016

The Hype about Daily Disposable Contact Lenses or Dailies

Contact lenses are available in various replacement schedules. Depending upon your lifestyle & personality you can choose from the variety of the options. Disposable contact lenses are typically to be discarded either on monthly or tri-monthly basis. On the other hand, daily disposable contact lenses are fairly new; yet most hyped about. Since they require no care & contact lens accessories such as multi-purpose solution & contact lens cases; they save you both money & time.

Benefits of Wearing Daily Disposables

  1. Absolute Choice of Beginners: Beginners find it difficult to take care of contact lenses. Most of them drop wearing contact lenses because of daily parades to cleaning, disinfecting and replacing their cases every 3 months. With daily disposables you absolutely need no accessories. Just pop open a new pair and toss it off every night.
  2. They are Cheaper: Despite being expensive, they are comparatively cheaper than regular colored contact lenses. These lenses are always purchased in bulk so that you never run out of supply the next morning. If you are spending more on contact lenses, you are at the same time saving money on contact lens accessories you need otherwise. 
  3. They are Appropriate for Allergies: Dailies are a perfect option for people with sensitive eyes. Since you pop open a fresh pair every day; these lenses eliminate the risk of contamination and product buildup. This is why, they prevent triggering allergic response unlike annual contacts.

Before making a choice, always get yourself checked by a doctor. A professional medical expert will assess your eyes to see if you are a right candidate for daily disposables

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