Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Pink Eyes: How do I Know if Contact Lenses Causing it or the Lens Solution?

Pink eyes also known as conjunctivitis is a common eye infection with distinctive inflammation of eye lids and or eyes/cornea. Conjunctivitis can be minor or severe – it always is however contagious to provoke the infectious outbreak. Both contact lenses and or the solution to soak/disinfect your contact lenses may spread pink eye disease. Patient is asked to cease wearing contact lenses during the illness but it does not always help. To prevent future viral attacks, please narrow down your symptoms & judge what you need to change – your contact lenses or contact lens solution?

When Solution for Soaking Contact Lenses should be replaced with a Better Brand
There are many types of contact lens solutions available. Some only soak your lenses, some rinse, some re-wet too, and some help production of quality tears whereas some do all of these. Contact lens solutions, no matter what their specialty is, contain preservatives. These preservatives may sometimes trigger allergic response. Therefore, always use a multi-purpose contact lens solution so that there are less chances of drug interaction. In case you opt to choose a set of solutions, you are more likely to get affected by inflammation due to your eyes coming into contact with several of the chemicals that are not always in harmony with each other.

Symptoms if Contact Lens Solution is Causing Discomfort & Pink Eyes

An expired or incompatible contact lens solution is injurious for eyes. Sometimes contact lens solution can lose its efficacy even before meeting the expiry date. This happens due to the improper usage and or mishandling such as leaving your solution bottle opened. (It causes evaporation of disinfectant). If you notice following symptoms, change your contact lens solution. Get a pharmaceutical contact lens solution preferably.
  1. Increased sensitivity to light
  2. Delayed hypersensitivity: Itching sensation, discharge or stinging even when wearing same pair of contact lenses/brand you had been wearing previously
  3. Weepy & warm painful eyes
  4. Discomfort even after removing lenses

Sometimes your eyes develop allergy against the same solution you have been using since ages. This happens when manufacturers alter the formula. Always keep a check when a label of your contact lens solution reads “New & Improved”. Some types of lens materials and solutions are not the optimal combinations, so trouble may arise due to incompetency.

Last but not the least an expired contact lens case that is most ignored is also a hidden cause. Case past 3 months of usage needs immediate replacement as the accumulation of bio-film may trigger allergenic response.

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