Monday, 1 February 2016

Kimchi Bambi Green Lenses against Brown Wigs for a Natural yet Sassy Appearance

These green circle lenses look adorably fascinating with multiple hues. Kimchi Bambi green with a solid limbal ring and inner ring surrounding the pupil helps enlarging your eyes. They blend nicely against light eyes and create an illusion of doll-y eyes. "My eyes are naturally blue, and the lenses show up either as a medium, rich green to a forest green, depending on the light.  They’re definitely in your face and somewhat unnatural looking up-close, but personally I dig the effect.Basically, these are great and I love them." These lenses make a statement when worn with brown hair. Wanda Maximoff and Sasha Blaus cosplay wigs create an impression that is both natural looking & sexy. 

"Both wigs are a rich brown, very lush and thick, and very soft.  Uniqso’s wigs tend to range from good to excellent fiber and thickness quality, and both of these are really excellent.  Wanda in particular has a ton of natural-looking matte fiber in a slightly wavy style, and my only negative point with this wig is that the part line does not look particularly natural despite being a skintop.  This bothers me a bit unless I pull some of the hair back behind my ears, which I think helps.  That aside, it’s quite thick but still silky and soft without being shiny.  Really, really impressed with this one.

Sasha Blaus This wig is slightly lighter than Wanda, but still a very rich medium brown and also ridiculously thick.  It comes in a pre-ponytailed style with the wefts pointed backward, which is awesome since no wefts show even when lifting it into a high ponytail. 

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