Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Read These 4 Points if you are Looking for Contact Lenses to Change Appearance

I. Fairy Cara Red
I-Codi Colors Of The Wind No 23 Turquoise
Sweety Nudy 3 Tones Grey
Lens Story Dolly + Red

Contact lenses help you achieve the look of your dreams. They create dolly illusion & make your eyes enlarged that shine bright. Colored contact lenses do not necessarily come in prescription as they are aimed at changing your eye color than fixing your vision. If you are looking for colored contact lenses that bring a pleasant change to your personality then continue reading below:

1. Colored contact lenses are slightly expensive than regular contacts. Since regular contact lenses don’t carry a design or tint in them; they are produced cheaply. On the other hand colored contact lenses boast a wide range of designs and multiple hues that are incorporated ingeniously to help you create a realistic eye effect yet an effect that is out of the world.

2. Colored lenses feature patterns, specifically lines & dots that are arranged radially to create harmony of vision. Lines & dots also replicate the natural pattern of human iris due to which the overall effect remains sophisticatedly genuine.

3. Contrary to the regular contact lenses; the significant feature of colored contacts is the “Limbal Ring”. This limbal ring surrounds the outer edge and is often solid, darker & bold. The ring is most prominent during infancy which gradually fades with age. Colored lenses help you regain the limbal ring that certainly helps you hide your calendar age.

4. Colored contact lenses are available in both plano and prescription. Plano lenses are zero power, so they are only resorted to when you need a change in your eye color. Depending on your mood, you have the liberty to either go for a fierce color change effect or stay subtle. Prescription contact lenses on the other help correct refractive index error and are available for hyperopia, myopia & astigmatism. Prices may vary from type to type and brand to brand.

There are endless possibilities with colored lenses. Hail to advanced technology that has made it possible for even people with sensitive eyes to opt for colored contacts. Today, with silicone hydrogel material; more comfortable, soft & oxygen friendly contacts are being produced that keep your eyes hydrated. Whilst immensely beautifying your eyes; 21st century lenses also strive to maintain optimum vision. Don’t forget to meet your eye care professional before getting yourself the first pair!

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