Saturday, 27 February 2016

Am I a Good Candidate of Contact Lenses?

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Almost anyone on earth can safely wear contact lenses. However, there are patients who could or should not wear contacts. People freak out touching their eye balls on purpose, for inserting & removing contact lenses even though this skill is easily learned. If, you are one of those who can’t get over irrational fears of poking their eyes whilst trying to wear contact lenses; we are sorry to disclose these harmless cute plastic discs are not for you. Today, with advanced technology and innovation, the prolific industry of bio-engineering has manufactured contact lenses for almost every vision impairment. Other than serious activated eyelid infections; contact lenses can be easily managed with whatever ocular sensitivity you suffer from.

According to American Academy of Opthalmolgy’s Eyesmart; you might not be a good candidate of contact lenses if you have:

  1. Frequent eye infections
  2. Severe allergies
  3. Dry eyes that is resistant to treatment
  4. A dusty environment
  5. An inability of handling and caring for contact lenses

In case you are not suffering from corneal diseases, you are most probably a good candidate of contact lenses. True that; individuals with active systemic infections, colds or with compromised immune system may be poor candidates of contact lenses but once infections, dry eyes and allergies are managed with medicines, these patients later prove to be the successful candidates of contact lenses.

Even if previous experiences with contact lenses had not been fruitful; you can always give them another try. Past a decade, contact lenses were not as advanced as we find them today. They are more soft, comfortable and moist. Contact lenses made from hydrophilic material are more oxygen friendly and pliable. High end contact lenses also offer UVAB interception that makes them better than UV sunglasses, because contact lenses can efficiently cover those areas of eyes that glasses cannot.

Above 125 million people wear contact lenses around the globe. Be one of them by making a wise decision. Got sensitive eyes? Here is the list of different types of contact lenses you would want to check depending upon the severity of your sensitivity.

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