Thursday, 18 February 2016

This is how you Comb Synthetic Wigs: 3 Rules to Comb Synthetic Wigs

Anti-static wig comb- Metal 

Synthetic wigs let you wear a new hair style every day, without having to put much effort. They are pre-styled and unless you heat-treat them they are bound to get back the factory-introduced volume, bounce and style even after being washed. Synthetic wigs however need attention and care from combing to washing & storage. Aggressive attitude will tangle the fibers, singe them or may even cause fall-offs. Follow the rules below to comb your wigs if you want to extend the life span of your synthetic wigs.

  1. Always use a metal wide tooth comb to detangle your synthetic wig. Using a wig brush is fine, but the friction created by wig brush may destroy the fibers. Wig combs incorporate steel teeth that rotates at their fixtures, reducing the tension as you comb through the synthetic fibers.
  2. Never comb your wig when it is wet. Let it air dry, lying flat. Combing a wet wig will de-shape it and may cause permanent irrevocable damage.
  3. Never comb your wig from top to bottom. Wig is different from natural hair. Always comb wig from bottom to softly making your way at the top. Focus on getting rid of tangles by first combing the bottom and then gently proceed to comb the top, reaching the crown using your middle finger and ring finger.

Synthetic wigs are supposed to last you a year, provided you don’t lose the fibers by tugging and pulling them using an ordinary comb. Only synthetic wigs’ friendly products should be applied and used for styling to help them last long. 

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