Thursday, 18 February 2016

3 Reasons you Need Fake Eyelashes with Circle Lenses for your Wedding

It is an already acknowledged fact that circle lenses change your appearance dramatically. All hands down! They create an illusion of bigger, deeper and brighter eyes whilst ensuring a doll-y transformation. Surprisingly, what women resist about is using “fake eye lashes” along with circle lenses. Most of the women opine fake eye lashes disparage the soft & natural looks, they prefer for their wedding. Some fear, fake eye lashes will poke into the eyes and may be abrasive to circle lenses. Fortunately, we are here to encourage you to dump old-school thinking & pick 100% handmade fake eye lashes for your wedding.

  1. Circle lenses when accompanied by false eye lashes give you a more appealing look. False eye lashes create an illusion of wider eyes whereas circle lenses help making your eyes look awakened & bright. When false eye lashes are integrated ingeniously with circle lenses, you get an alluring pop that will ensure remarkable wedding photos.
  2. False eye lashes that are 100% hand made last long. Our Stella false eye lashes are reusable and you can continue to wear them 20 times, provided you keep them clean. Choosing Stella false eye lashes save you good deal of money. Once purchased, these lashes will not only serve you well at your wedding but you will look enticing on your honeymoon, too.
  3. False eye lashes with irrational length and volume absolutely ditch the entire look. Switch to Stella 100% hand-made false eye lashes for a sophisticated look at your wedding. The brand let you choose between natural & dramatic collection -where Natural Prime series accentuate your everyday look and Triple- Flex series help you highlight the prime features of your personality.

False eye lashes and circle lenses go hand in hand. Circle lenses help you achieve amplified eyes whereas false eye lashes blend the entire look by providing a regal drape. Look your best at your wedding & opt for Stella 100% hand-made false eye lashes, culled from Taiwan.

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