Monday, 29 February 2016

3 Things you should know about False Eye lashes

False eye lashes give you that alluring pop and fancy drape you have been waiting all your life for. False eye lashes are available in both man-made and natural fiber. The strip lashes tend to be the most comfortable and easiest type. Before you allow your intuition to make a decision, you must know these 3 things about false eye lashes.

  1. Choose false eye lashes by keeping the nature of the event and the looks you are aiming to achieve, into consideration. There are various models available from providing thin and sparse look and heavily draped triple flex lashes for a dramatic look.
  2. False eye lashes also help you manipulate the shape of your eyes. Applying them at both the upper and lower lash line create an illusion of bolder, awakened and wide eyes. Choose your false eyelashes wisely if you wish to modify the way your eyes look. For instance, angular lashes for almond shaped eyes.
  3. Always remember, all makeup should go first followed by false eye lashes. After applying the glue at the strip, wave the lash in air for 30 seconds so that it becomes tacky. Apply it exactly on your natural lash line. Be careful to dust away the particles of eye shadow or glitter by a fan brush or else the glue will lose the efficacy.

False eye lashes are disposable but they can last you 15/20 wears, provided you take care of them. For best results, use Stella false eye lashes that are 100% hand-made & are good for ensuring natural big eye look!

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