Saturday, 19 September 2015

Natural Looking Gold Lenses against Vocaloid Luka Wig D: I.Fairy Moe Moe Brown Lenses

Finding gold lenses that look natural is just like drawing a line from the nose. Either they don't look gold, or if they do; they look unnatural and crazy. Gold lenses that are true gold, blend in nicely & make your eyes warm by adding depth. I.Fairy Moe Moe brown lenses employ three fancy tones ranging from warm yellow & gold to brown. The 3 tones create a subtle fusion whilst providing dolly enlargement. 

"These look awesome up close - on blue eyes they’re a rich gold color or sometimes a more yellow color when indoors.  Unlike other gold-tone lenses, even in dim light the tone doesn’t tint green in photography like a lot of gold lenses do.  The only thing that could make them better is if the color was brighter or less brown or in dim lighting, since they do fade from far away"

Luka Wig D looks fancy against I.Fairy Moe Moe brown due to the color variation. The pink wig is capricious thus bound to catch attention. The lavish ringlet curls, matte texture, and wavy locks redefine the feminine beauty. It flaunts a long back tail and enormous volume. Read complete review of I.Fairy Moe Moe brown & Vocaloid Luka wig D  for more pictures. 

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