Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Tips to Make your Synthetic Wigs Look Natural

Synthetic wigs are not only affordable, but are easy to pull off. They keep wave & style memory, saving your time every morning to style your hair. Synthetic wigs are very handy for the working women; except the shine in some wigs can be a bit annoying. The tip to go confidently with your synthetic hair is to own it. If you keep fidgeting around, you are spoiling the look. Below are some tips to carry your style confidently
  1. Try choosing synthetic wigs that match your natural hair color. They create a realistic effect & make your hairstyle appropriate for every day wear.
  2. Synthetic wigs with too much shine look fake. To reduce the shine, sprinkle baby powder on to your wig and brush through for an even spread out of the baby powder.
  3. When wearing wig, whisk it gently. Let the air pass through the fibers for a gentle puff.
  4. Synthetic wigs are made from plastic fibers. Do not get too close to flames when wearing wigs as the heat can cause irreparable damage. Observe caution whilst dealing microwave ovens.
  5. Always support your wig by wearing a wig cap underneath. A wig cap helps secure your wig firmly. It also ensures a flat base by tugging your hair.
  6. Put your wig on from front to back.
  7. It is good to minimize the use of styling products on your synthetic hair. Always use products formulated for synthetic wigs.

Do you wear synthetic wigs? What tips do you have to share with us?

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