Monday, 7 September 2015

Anime School Girl Makeup Look using I-Codi Naty Green Lenses & Kugimiya Rie Blonde Wig

For anime girl transformation, all you need is a pair of big eye lenses and some short cute wigs. I-Codi Naty IC2 10 green lenses are super vivid green lenses with a well-defined outer black ring. They adorn your eyes with a glossy finish that mimic the teary eye look. Despite being 15 mm, these lenses offer a dolly eye enlargement. These lenses look best when worn with Kugimiya Rie cosplay wig. Since the wig is platinum blonde with pink under tones, these super lucid green lenses stand out loudly. The wig is only 35 cm where the straight tresses decently frame your face as they strike your jawline and chin. 

"If you brush the wig a bit more and play around with it, you can make the pink parts even more visible than it is in the stock photo. Last of all, seeing the stock photo, I expected it to be a bit more shinier, but it has a matte color, so I was relieved, haha. ; v ;"- Read anzu's review for Naty green and blonde wig

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