Saturday, 12 September 2015

High School Anime Makeup Tutorial using I-Codi Violet Lenses & Stella Pointed Lashes

High school looks demand for a decent sense of fashion. To make an impression what you really need is circle lenses and a pair of lavish lashes with a moderate drape. I-Codi Colors of the Wind No 37 Milk Lilac are an unusual shade of eye color but they grab what they are manufactured for. These milky soft violet lenses ensure tons of affectionate gazes. The series is known for the blending effect. I-Codi Colors of the Wind fuse naturally with a very charming color transition. The pattern is nothing bold that helps mimicking anime big eye looks. Stella pointed eye lashes 8032 create a fancy illusion. These angular lashes increase the length and adds volume to your natural lashes. Furthermore, pointed lashes help create an illusion of longer doe-shaped eyes.   

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