Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Why do my Contact Lenses Keep Splitting?

Contact lens beginners often complain about lenses being damaged through ripping. Contact lenses if handled carefully, are less likely to split. The common cause of  splitting is usually pinching them too hard whilst removing them. There are other minor factors involved which users tend to neglect about. If even at changing the brands, models and type of circle contacts you keep getting them torn, consider the following points.

  1. Keep your nails trimmed and perfectly foiled. There should be no jagged edges. Uneven edges can tear soft lenses or cause scratches which can be very uncomfortable for eyes. Such contact lenses if worn, trigger stinging sensation.
  2. When putting your lenses back in the chambers, be very careful that they are swiftly floating in the solution. Carefully, check that they do not get stuck in between the case’s edge and the lid. When they get caught, they will be ripped.
  3. Do not over wear your contacts. Continuing to wear them when the expiry has approached put eyes at risk of corneal abrasions and other superficial damages. Watch  over the expiry date.
  4. If you suffer from dry eyes syndrome; be very careful about keeping them moist. Use lubricating drops that are safe to be used with contact lenses. Some solutions leave the residue and turn contacts hazy.
  5. Do take a note of your supplier. If the supplier cannot be traced of its authenticity; your contact lenses are probably substandard or even fake.
  6. In case, no matter what; your contact lenses keep splitting, it is advisable to switch to daily disposables.

After discovering even a minor scratch, toss your lenses off immediately to prevent mix-ups with the fresh pairs.According to Dr. Andrew Shatz; certified Ophthalmologist “Torn contacts have sharp edges that can scratch the eye. This can in turn allow bacteria from the contact or eye surface to get under the skin and cause a serious eye infection. Do not use a torn contact lens”

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