Friday, 11 September 2015

Choosing between Tones of Circle Lenses: Mono Tone or Two Tones?

Circle lenses have been a great medium of vision correction for decades now. They are however, most raved about; not, for the vision correction but for the means of personality enhancement. Contact lenses draw attention by emphasizing more on eyes. This is achieved by adorning the eyes with different hues that circle lenses come integrated with. Choosing between several tones can be complex. More than any rocket science, it is actually the personal preference that rules.

Mono Tone Circle Lenses

Circle lenses that come in single hue are the most basic type of lenses. These circle lenses are manufactured to bring light colored eyes into limelight. They are subtle, sophisticated and more natural looking. Mono tone circle lenses add warmth and depth to naturally light colored eyes to make them look more intense & meaningful.

The sole purpose of mono tone contacts is to accentuate the natural color of eyes. The best example of one tone circle lenses is “Barbie Choco Circle Lenses”. They accentuate brown eyes by adding a deeper shade of brown, as a result; your eyes are more sparkling, warm & bigger. Single tone circle lenses help you acquire bigger eyes with as less of drama as possible. They are considered the most casual type of lenses, recommended for school & office wear.
Another example is Dolly Eye Ice Melon grey. These lenses beautifully bring out the beauty of light eyes by adding intense pigmentation. They blend in, like a breeze for a smoldering big eye effect. 

Two Tone Circle Lenses

Circle contacts with two tones redefine one’s elegance & beauty. Their specialty is limbal ring that is darker & solid in color. Due to the presence of limbal ring, the bigger eye effect is more pronounced & eye-catching.  Two tone circle lenses make eyes look whimsical for a touch of innocence. These circle lenses draw inspiration from an infant’s eye where the outer ring is most prominent. They are available in variety of color contrasts, aimed at ensuring the second glances.

For a dolly appearance, circle lenses like Dolly eye Dizon Eye green are considered mandatory. The subdued hues ensure an ethereal effect that is both striking & illusive. Two tones circle lenses have over-powering benefits to offer. Depending on the design, 2 tone circle lenses are more impressive in terms of texture & pigment. For instance, Super Angel brown lenses cast energetic, bold & irresistible gazes. They make eyes look piercing to renew your personality statement.

Contact lenses irrespective of what colors they incorporate, tend to make eyes look prettier and balanced. The harmonious effect, produced by the fusion of different hues take the wearer’s beauty to the next level of sophistication & serenity. 

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