Wednesday, 23 September 2015

6 Incredible Uses of Skin79 Makeup Removing Wipes

Almost all of us love to enjoy the luxury provided by the makeup removing wipes. Though they contain more or less the same ingredients that a regular wash off cleanser boasts, they are the “preferred pick” of women as they come handy due to the portability. Makeup removing wipes such as Skin79 Kick it Side contain vegetable oils that ensure squeaky clean face with no grimy residue behind. You will be surprised to learn the other 6 magical & inspiring alternative uses of such wipes that are moisturizing & pliable yet aggressive enough to combat against stubborn stains.

Cleaning Stains:

  1. Skin79 Kick it Side Makeup removing wipes are very promising. They do not only vow to leave your skin feeling new and fresh but they are also capable enough to remove the stains off your furniture. Cleansing wipes give your furniture a whole new life as they are easy to pull between the slits where usual duster cannot make through. Skin79 Kick it Side makeup removing wipes take care of your wooden furniture by removing the dust and grime with one gentle swipe.
  2. Skin79 Kick it Side makeup removing wipes help taking makeup stain off the clothing. If you accidentally get your shirt muddy by the makeup spills & mineral particles, pull off a makeup towel and swipe it for the surprising magic.
  3. Makeup wipes are exceptional in giving your leather accessories like bags and shoes a rare & bespoke shine. Glide it on your leather shoes for a glossy luster.
  4. Wipes can also be tied to a mop for an extra glitz. It will efficiently pick up dirt, grime & micro lint that often go unnoticed during regular cleansing. These wipes also genuinely clean glass tables, frames and window panes.
  5. Clean your digital accessories such as tabs, phones, lap tops using wipes. They are soft & supple. They clean screens without scratching them.
  6. Towel wipes are also beneficial removing dust from indoor plants. They will return plants their shine back in an instant. This saves the mess that you expect pouring down water individually on every leaf.

Skin79 Makeup removing wipes are to care for your face. You don’t need to pull a new towel every time to avail the other cleansing benefits. Simply, before discarding the used wipe; look around in your room if something else needs a wash-up. Reuse, resurrect and revive- all with skin79 Kick it Side makeup removing wipes.

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