Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Aqua Marine Cosplay Wig: Vocaloid Miku A

"What I really loved about the Miku Vocaloid A wig is that it fits me perfectly, making me look absolutely gorgeous. I loved how soft it is, the synthetic hair isn’t a cheaply made, I just adore so much how the wig looks. The wig is heat resistant too, thinking that it would come pretty handy later. You always have to choose the wig’s color and shade that will match your skin tone the best, it is very important because some characters often have unnatural hair color, and it might not really compliment the skin as you would like them to  ♥ 

Storing long Miku wig

Most of the Miku’s wigs will come with long ponytails, which you can so easily attach to the main wig, due to their hairclip. You might think that ponytails will end up pretty heavy on the head, but this was not the case, they end up to be easily manageable, reaching my knees length and being very soft, you could easily braid or even curl the ponytails. ♥"

The above chunks are taken from Tranquility's Miku Wig's Review with huge thanks

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