Monday, 28 September 2015

What Saline Solution can do when Contact Lenses hurt your Eyes?

Wearing substandard, torn, dirty or expired contact lenses may hurt your eyes temporarily. Removing them immediately should be your top concern. To help cease the stinging sensation, resort to your saline solution. Saline solution is a sterile solution of distilled water & table salt. Saline solution is used for contact lens rinsing. It also heals minor cuts, wounds & relieves discomfort caused by damaged circle contacts.

Saline solution provides ocular lubrication & prevents super infections. Upon wearing contact lenses that are damaged or torn, your eyes get inflamed- to heal which, you need a wash out. Rinsing your eyes with saline solution also helps irritants flush away. Follow the procedure given below:
  1. Blink your eyes several times, softly.
  2. Pull down your upper eyelid over the lower
  3. Rinse your eyes using sterile saline solution
  4. Keep your eyes closed for few seconds. Do not rub your eyes

Salt in saline solution helps control the bacteria growth. Since it follows the same composition as of the human body it reduces the damage in tissues that is caused by tap water. Please be very careful about the salt you use. Keep it table salt purchased from local grocery store. Avoid iodized salt, or rock salt as it may contain particles or contaminants that could irritate the eyes. 

You can safely reinsert your contact lenses if the eyes feel fine after the wash-up. Otherwise, give them a rest for a day.

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