Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Violet Wig with Heavy Sumptuous Curls

Thick voluptuous curls make you drool. Vocaloid Gakupo cosplay wig is bright violet. The color is striking. The wig features both silky & curly locks. The ringlet curls add volume to the wig that gracefully swings at the back of your head in the form of a pony tail. The wig can be worn alone without the pony tail though. The wig base boasts soft and silky tresses with bangs that should be trimmed prior to wearing. 

"Overall, the wig is really smooth and silky. It's very comfortable, but the front strands sometimes get in the way and can get caught on things (I was going from the bathroom to my room and such and the wig got caught on some of the door handles and stuff ahah..), other than that - the wig looks to fit Gakupo pretty well - it definitely matches the stock photo in looks and color which is great! "-- complete review

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