Thursday, 24 September 2015

Keep an Eye over your Eyes this Halloween: Stop Swapping Circle Lenses

While it may be the fun idea to swap special effect crazy lenses at Halloween, sharing contacts with friends lead to greater risks of contagious diseases. Body fluids transmit diseases in a flash that puts you at severe risks. Since Halloween contact lenses already need greater care due to them being opaque, swapping them run the risks of unexpected havoc to leave you with horrific consequences for the rest of your life.

Halloween is the most anticipated celebration, where all the witches and wizards claiming to have contacts with the spirit world come into action. It is mischievous to impersonate yourself into spooky Halloween’s symbolic icons.  Occasional ghosts, walking skeletons & brain devouring zombies strive to diffuse terror through objects defining the evil spirit of the eve such as by employing carved pumpkins, skulls, bones, fangs etc.  They further take their spooksville ahead by putting their eyes and sight at rise i.e. using second hand contact lenses. Eye doctors warn Halloween enthusiasts to keep an eye over their eyes. Don’t be the part of the horrendous terror by damaging your eyes through contact lens commuting. Crazy lenses that have once been inserted in your eyes will never be safe enough for your friend to enjoy a trial with.

Special effect circle lenses limit your vision. Thy make use of non-transparent tint that completely masks the color of your eyes. Furthermore, they are not available in prescription unless you get them customized. There is no harm imitating your favorite movie character. True, without Noveltylenses you cannot add the “wow” factor- wear them but observe caution. Never get too overwhelmed with trick-o-treats that you end-up becoming a trick to yourself at the end of the day. Contact lenses are personal prosthetic devices even those with cosmetic values should not be shared. 

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  1. I would never want to put contact lenses in my eyes if they had even the tiniest speck of dust on them. I am that touchy about what goes near my eyes. I don't think that people who swap lenses are really aware of just how dangerous it can be. You never know which infection you can start in your ey

    Barton Levesque @ Glenmore Vision Center