Saturday, 19 September 2015

Safety Considerations: Halloween Novelty Contact Lenses

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Everything that is man-made, either to serve functional needs or fashion craves; carry risks. The manufacturer thus embeds the usage instructions & warnings at the product’s packaging. Contact lenses whether regular or novelty pose sight-searing threats if worn improperly. Furthermore, contact lenses are actually medical devices than fun accessories. This is why show greater concern when planning an evening out whilst sporting crazy circle lenses. Prior to wearing crazy lenses; it is suggested that you get yourself checked by an eye doctor to rule out the chances of hidden eye infections for instance; dry eye syndrome.

Are Theatrical Crazy Lenses Safe to Wear?

Crazy lenses boasting freakish reptilian designs and or those with intellectual combinations of UV glow with wacky hues make a theatrical impression. These lenses should never be purchased from novelty or beach shops, flea markets, and beauty salons or from unauthorized vendors. Since crazy lenses obstruct vision in more than ways; you should be very concerned even if your purchased novelty lenses are CE, KFDA, GMP etc approved.

Over-the-counter Halloween lenses make use of substandard pigments and plastic that run the risk of horrendous corneal ulcers and permanent vision loss. Contrary to this, certified branded crazy contacts don’t only employ the quality pigments but also process the products under state of art, hygienic labs and environment. Your first & foremost priority must be choosing a pair of contacts either from your doctor or from an authorized, trusted & reliable re-seller online.

Safety Measures:

1. Crazy lenses are known for their opacity. They limit the vision & may turn your sight hazy depending on the strength of the colors used. Some of the crazy contacts cover the entire eye including the whites. These lenses are called sclera lenses. They demand extra care & safety precautions. Keep them for stage performances only than night time trick-o-treats.

2. Crazy lenses are not commonly available in prescriptions. This is the other reason; people with vision problems should stay cautious- to prevent tripping. Though the pupil is kept transparent to let you see, there are some lenses that even cover the pupil hole to ensure the frosty effect such as zombie lenses.

3. Contact lenses with bigger diameters & crazy designs are more drying than regular contact lenses, sometimes. To prevent dehydration, keep your eyes moist by using re-wetting drops that are compatible with contact lenses. Also avoid alcoholic drinks.

Crazy lenses that are genuine, coming from well-known Korean brands are made through advanced technology that significantly improves oxygen transmission. The hues and the luminescent coating is kept sandwiched between the layers so that they could not touch your eyes. You have got a million ways to enjoy wicked Halloween- special effect lenses are just the first step of the ladder. Get your crazy lenses from trustworthy names, as you would not want to get real life rotten eyes after the Halloween is over!

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