Saturday, 12 September 2015

Dio Brando Cosplay using Phantasee Red Lestat Vampire & Brando Cosplay Wig

"The wig itself is beautiful. It comes in the exact color as displayed on the website.  Dio Brando wig is heat resistant and is quite thick. It's especially thick on the top, so you get that amazing volume Dio's hair has in some illustrations. If you're not interested in this much volume, then all you have to do is brush it down while blow drying it carefully. "

On the other hand the Lestat vampire lenses are just so amazing. "To my surprise, they came with a three color design. Yellow on the inside, orange in middle and black on the outside. I felt like these suited Dio the best, since they appear slightly creepy when worn without makeup and that's the look I was hoping to get from these. "; reads Lokeva's review

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