Monday, 7 September 2015

Why do My Eyes Itch after Removing Contact Lenses?

Contact lenses if bear manufacturing flaws will itch when you wear them. Contrary to this, if you get an eye sore or develop any kind of irrational discomfort after removing contact lenses then the problem is perhaps in your contact lens solution. Alike contact lenses, there are several varieties of contact lens solutions available in the market but only some meet the health standards.

The delayed hypersensitivity that develops after many months of contact lens wearing is more likely an indication of incompatible solution. Solutions including preservatives that are mercury based often lead to irritation & redness. Harsh chemicals trigger instant reactions leading to temporary ocular disorders. Whilst the best strategy is to discontinue wearing contacts for a day or two, it is advised that you meanwhile look for a hypoallergenic multi-purpose contact lens solution. Multi-purpose solution is a multi-tasking liquid that does not only soak & preserve your contact lenses but also disinfect them thoroughly by breaking down the lipids and proteins accumulated on the surface of circle contacts.

Patients with previous history of infections, allergies, eczema etc. are more likely to get affected by substandard solutions or lenses. The sensitivity grows further if the immediate actions to relieve the discomfort are prevented.

How to identify the culprit of the discomfort

If contact lens solution has been the problem; you should expect any of the following symptoms
  1. Irritable & Itchy eyes with same pair of lenses you have been wearing for a couple of months
  2. Increasing discomfort even after removing the contacts
  3. Weepy eyes that feel warm

What to do?
  1. Switch to pharmacy made multi-purpose solutions.
  2. Use eye drops to help relieve the discomfort
  3. Don’t leave the solution bottle unopened. Leaving the caps off reduces the efficacy of the disinfectant.

Most of the patients are concerned about what they take in their eyes. They however forget the importance of a good contact lens solution. Solutions are as significant as are your contacts. Contact lenses correct the refractive errors, where as a good antimicrobial & bio-compatible multi-purpose solution will form a protective barrier against germs, reaching your eyes.

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