Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Dolly Eye Georgiae Violet & Uchida Aya Cosplay Wig

"The lens are a pretty blue toned purple color that have a reflective quality under light, decent color payoff, nothing too vibrant and in your face. The design of Dolly Eye Georgiae violet is something like a psychedelic-ish geometric floral pattern that frames the pupil to give it a really alluring black hole effect. i chose this pair of lens for the design and while i’m not that much a fan of purple lens, definitely recommend you try the other colors in the georgiae series. These lens are definitely huge but still wearable without looking too freakishly dolly"

"Uchida Aya wig a gorgeous light corn silk color, and speaking of silk, that’s the perfect term todescribe the texture of the wig because it was an absolute dream to comb through and wear, the weight is a little heavy on one side because of the side ponytail but you can wear it with or without it anyways so that’s not a huge issue. the wig cap fit perfectly and i found the length of the bangs didn’t need any altering and was very easy to style as well. it’s a very versatile wig that can be styled in many ways if one wishes it"

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