Sunday, 6 September 2015

Upcycle Used Contact Lens Cases – DIY Miniature Contact Lens Case Bouquet

We get only one pair of eyes in life. If you second us, you might often end up with old contact lens cases. Contact lens cases harbor germs and may transfer the bacteria, leading to gross ocular infections if are not replaced every three months. Reduce carbon footprint by up-cycling your spare cases of contact lenses. Growing Ikebana inspired miniature bespoke bouquets, speak high of your aesthetic & intellectual senses. There are hundreds of alternate uses of old contact lens cases, but converting them into whimsical miniature bouquet is completely enchanting- a perfect element of every fairy tale!

Things you need
  1. Couple of used contact lens cases
  2. Floral foam (wet kind)
  3. Floral carnations
  4. Foliage
  5. Ribbons (Optional)
Contact Lens Case Bouquets
These irresistible mini bouquets, planted on used contact lens cases make a perfect birthday gift. They remain fresh for a day or two. Loaded with heavenly floral carnations, these awe-inspiring contact lens floral beds will leave your beloveds spell-bounded. Pour in some love and effort to convert almost-your-useless contact lenses into bewitching beauty.

Don’t miss at creativity. Take a round in your home garden & convert your used contact lens cases into a priceless gift.

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