Saturday, 19 September 2015

Why do My Eyelids Feel Heavy when Wearing Contact Lenses?

There are several factors that cause heavy eyelids. The droopiness is associated with tiredness but contact lenses and computer usage add significantly to it.  Tired eyes may appear puffy, swollen & red. When eye muscles are put to over-work and when eyes are forced to stay open during a workout – staring at screens, reading, scanning etc. eye lids substantially feel heavy. Removing contact lenses may relieve the strain. Resting eyes by closing them for a short time such as in the nap, may help reduce the muscular fatigue in eyes.

Are Contact Lenses Alone Responsible for Heavy Eyes?

Although heavy eyelids are nothing serious but constant tiredness may lead to irritability, headaches & stress. Dry eyes & seasonal allergies may also turn eye lids heavy. To reduce puffiness, focus on the following factors:
  1. Get sound sleep of 8 hours daily
  2. Reduce prolonged staring at computer screens. If your work routine includes excessive working at computers, you may be suffering from computer vision syndrome.
  3. Your prescription needs to be renewed. Contact lenses with improper prescription may lead to strenuous eyes.
  4. Wearing contact lenses for extended duration or wearing them past the expiry also causes strain in eyes. Never wear contact lenses for more than 8 hours a day -6 hours, if your work compels you staring at screens.

When Contact Lenses are not a problem..

If your eyes feel comfortable whilst wearing contact lenses, but hurt just after removing them then problem lies in the prescription. Contact lenses can be worn for only a small duration. After removing prescription contact lenses, your eyes need to squint in order to see distant objects clearly. Better get a permanent solution such as Lasik surgery. 

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