Tuesday, 21 April 2015

3 Places you need Protective Ocular Wear with Contact Lenses

Contact lenses should not be an obstacle in your day to day life. In fact contact lenses are considered more handy & cost effective. According to an online survey; people from different professions of life find it more convenient to wear contact lenses than glasses for vision correction. Unlike glasses contact lenses remain unaffective by weather-neither they turn hazy in fog nor they do fidget whilst you are engaged in vigorous sports activities. Yet, contact lenses would require you to be more concerned at 3 places by covering your eyes with protective eye wear.

Crazy Weather

As you step into different temperature zones (crazy-too hot or too cold); you might get a feeling of discomfort in your eyes. This is because your eyes need time to adjust with the change in weather. When weather outside is too windy, too snowy or rainy you must guard your eyes with protective goggles when wearing contact lenses.



Always wear protective eye wear whether or not wearing contact lenses when you are busy lawn mowing. There might be several hidden threats lurking in the grass that may abruptly get into your eyes without even letting you know. The piercing sensation gets worse when a strong urge of rubbing your eyes is felt. Contact lenses may get scratchy. They may even develop notches that would cause abrasions over cornea. This is why it is advised to either put your contact lenses off (if plano) or cover your eyes with protective eye wear in the other case.

Tandem Jump


Skydiving is one of the most thrilling fun-filled activities. You would definitely not want to miss the beauty of the horizon whilst you take your free fall. Contact lenses can be freely worn for tandem jump but require your eyes to be covered with large goggles. Let your adrenaline flow & enjoy your free fall. Just don’t forget to carry your travel sized contact lens solution in case your contact lenses dry out. 

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