Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Create Fierce Masculine Appearance with I.Fairy Moonlight Blue & Decim Short White Wig

"They also enlarge the eyes A LOT, could be the biggest lenses I have ever worn so far, but they are listed as 16.2 mm. I.Fairy Moonlight blue are also really really comfortable.I really liked it as a dramatic and enlarging effect, but what I was actually going for was this look.

"The Decim wig arrived spiky&fluffy as it is in the photo, but the bangs were not styled. They reached just right below my chin, so I ended up cutting them according to Decim and styled a few parts of it with hair spray&hair wax so that they wouldn't return to their original state as I continued to wear it. It has two colors, white on the front and upper back, and a dark grey color on the bottom back of the head. The grey part is shorter and non spiky, because it is supposed to imitate a shaved part"

More thoughts and pictures can be found in the review here

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