Friday, 4 September 2015

Donate your Spare Circle Contact Lenses to those in Need

Millions of people wear prescription contact lenses every day. Avid users of contact lenses might find several pairs of unused/unopened and unexpired circle lenses lying uselessly in their stash. In case you recently had a successful Lasik surgery, or a change in your prescription you can ingeniously redistribute your spare contacts you no longer plan to use. According to WHO report; approximately 517 million people are visually impaired due to unaffordability of corrective treatment. There are dozens of trustworthy reliable humanitarian organizations that dispense contact lenses and eye wear to those in need.

Prescription contact lenses that are safely enclosed & sealed pack in their vials with a minimum of remaining 6 months expiration can be safely passed out to the poor. These human rights organizations also accept glasses, contact lens cases and contact lens solution.

Before Donating your Circle Contact Lenses, Make Sure …
  • Your contact lenses meet the acceptance standards of the organization you want to donate your contact lenses to.
  • Your contacts are not substandard, counterfeit or cheap; purchased from beauty shops, flea markets etc. etc.
  • You have the original packaging intact that came with your contact lenses.
  • Safely bubble wrap your contact lenses & mark “FRAGILE” over the envelope before you ship/post your lenses.

Donate Contact Lenses to MADRE

MADRE is an international organization that work for the well-being of women around the globe. MADRE works with the groups of local women. In cooperation with local optometrists MADRE dispenses prescription contact lenses to those visually impaired people/children who cannot afford corrective eye wear.

MADRE can be reached at
Address Donations to:
121 West 7th Street, #301
New York, NY, 10001.

You can also send your contacts to The Ohio State University College of Optometry, where they can be used in their resident clinics that see medically and financially in-need clients. The lenses can be mailed to:
Peggy Buckman
OSU Optometry Clinic South 
1405 South High Street 
Columbus, OH 43207

 You have spent a considerable amount in purchasing your contact lenses. Instead of filling in your landfills with contact lenses that still can make a better value, DONATE. Someone somewhere might be in dire need of your little help!
P.S UNIQSO Enterprises is actively involved in “Community Development”. We raised $2,500 last month to help women build sustainable livelihood for themselves and their families. Your every order placement at UNIQSO helps the neglected women.

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