Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Barbie Nudy Blue & Barbie Puffy 3 Tones Grey

"They make a really good effect on the eyes. I guess it's because the design is really simple they create a beautiful look when the sun hits them as you can clearly see on the pictures (*≧∀≦*)
For the comfort I have to say that the Barbie Nudy blue lenses felt really light on my eyes as if they almost weren't there, which I really liked. I think these lenses go really well if you're going to cosplay a character with dark blue eyes, I still will search for some really vibrant lenses which also give an pretty enlargement like these lenses!

"Barbie Puffy 3 tones grey were my first pair of grey lenses ever and I absolutley loved these them!(◡‿◡*) ❤ The colour was like I wanted them to be darkish but still pretty vibrant and the fact that my eyes are yellowish was perfect going with the lenses since they get more yellowish in the inner edges."

Please find detailed review and pictures here

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