Monday, 7 September 2015

2 Best Lenses for Green Eyes: I.Fairy Lucius Grey & Barbie Diamond 3 Tones Brown

Green eyes are simply adorable and breathtaking. No matter what color of the lenses you wear, your eyes if green, will manage to maintain their own signature statement. I.Fairy Lucius grey lenses are very light, pale grey lenses that adapt the color of the eyes they are worn over. These lenses have a bigger pupil hole with a very pronounced outer black ring. Therefore, expect a color transition with these lenses. Depending on your own eye color, these lenses can either be very soft and natural looking or opaque and dramatic. They look stunning against green eyes as they happen to blend in like a breeze. Read detailed I.Fairy Lucius grey review

On the other hand, Barbie Diamond 3 tones brown lenses are intended towards bold and crazy fun looks. These lenses are dramatic with genuine diamond cuts' design. What makes these lenses different from others is the hint of red that shines in. They are designed artistically-ingeniously indeed. They mimic diamond cuts' splattering and reflecting light beams, when the light rays fall and strike your pupils. Check out the effect of Barbie Diamond 3 tones brown on a real life model.

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