Monday, 7 September 2015

Lolita Favors: I.Fairy Jewel Brown

These nut-brown circle lenses are enticing big eye lenses. They are unique & enchanting- they carry strong hues. I.Fairy Jewel brown have a fuzzy limbal ring with warm under tones. The pattern might not catch your attention but the opacity of the color and the warmth add depth and illusion to your eyes. I.Fairy Jewel lenses when complimented appropriately, leave others dumbstruck. The jaw dropping beauty of these lenses ensure you stay longer in memories with a whimsical hint!

"Another thing I love is the colour; such a warm and pretty brown shade!.Even though they have a big diameter,they’re EXTREMELY comfortable!(I realized that all lenses I’ve got from Uniqso are more comfortable than from other companies.Like,I can go a whole day with them in my eyes without having any problem.) "; says Hisame in her I.Fairy Jewel brown lenses

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