Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Management with Computer Vision Syndrome in Contact Lens Users

Science concludes that staring at screen reduces the number of times you blink. Blinking keeps eyes moist & hydrated. Working at computer causes eye fatigue that is aggravated due to wearing contact lenses. Computer vision syndrome includes dry or runny eyes, fatigued eyes, hazy or blurred vision & redness. Patients with CVS may find it uncomfortable to continue with contact lenses. However by introducing few modifications in the lifestyle, you can get back to work with optimum efficiency.

Tips to Relieve CVS

  1. Keep an appropriate distance from the screen. The angle, the distance & the height of the screen should be well-optimized. To prevent muscular strain & eyes observe caution whilst working at computer.
  2. Minimize glaring at screen for long. Look away from the screen for few seconds. Look up & down. Batting eyes also provides comfort.
  3. Don’t over-wear contact lenses. Though it is more about personal tolerance; it is said that computer usage reduce contact lens endurance. Since contact lenses block swift oxygen flow to the cornea, eyes feel fatigued even more when they are made to glare at the screen. If you can tolerate contacts for 8 hours otherwise; you would want to cut down it to 5-6 hours when working at computer.  
  4. Environmental factors such as air-conditioned buildings adversely affect contact lens tolerance. Air-conditioning compromises the humidity level that alleviates the dry eye syndrome in computer related vision disorders.
  5. Stay very observant about the screens you work at. Keep them clean, so that your eyes don’t have to work strenuously.
  6. Some contact lenses are better at retaining water whereas some tend to get dry quickly. Contact lenses with high water content are though more comfortable they are known to make eyes dry. Rewet eyes using lubricating drops if burning sensation or difficulty in blinking eyes is observed.

Computer vision syndrome can be managed. Lifestyle modifications help relieve the discomfort in contact lens users. It greatly enhances the ability to refocus by minimizing headaches, double vision & difficulty batting the eyes. To keep eyes comfortable & prevent dryness, keep yourself hydrated. Drinking plenty of water and avoiding alcoholic drinks help your eyes do the talking with an unparalleled sparkle! 

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