Tuesday, 8 July 2014

5 Tips to Styling Synthetic Hair Wigs

5 Tips to Styling Synthetic Hair Wigs

Synthetic hair wigs are preferable over natural hair wig due to the ease they offer on styling. Synthetic wigs may last long if are taken care of properly. Synthetic wigs have their own drawbacks which however should not push you away from buying them. Synthetic wigs sometimes look unnatural & overly flattering; which you can tame by following the “Synthetic Wig Styling Tips”

1. Confidence Pulls it All

5 Tips to Styling Synthetic Hair Wigs

The secret to pull off any hair style is to stay confident. The wig should look natural enough so that it boosts up your confidence. Furthermore; the wig should be a perfect-fit. There is none a big disaster than fidgeting with your wig. Whatever is on your head; should look like a part of your head than just a husk of synthetic fibers.
2. Stay Close to your Natural Hair Style

5 Tips to Styling Synthetic Hair Wigs

There is a difference between cosplay wigs and wigs that you would wear to enhance your looks. The casual wigs which you wear in daily life should match your own hair style. This way your synthetic wig tends to look more natural as people are accustomed to see you in a fix hair style. Having said this, your chosen wigs may be three shades darker or lighter than your original hair color but the length should not vary dramatically.

3. Customize Wig Accordingly

The Synthetic wigs come in a definite style but it does not mean that one style fits all. You may cut it to fit your skull. The bangs can be trimmed, the fringes can be styled and the excess of the bulk can be removed. Take it to your stylist as a custom cut makes a world of difference.

4. Personalize your Wigs

5 Tips to Styling Synthetic Hair Wigs

Personalizing synthetic wigs simply refer to accessorizing it beautifully. Add a personal touch to your wig by wearing a head band, a scarf or a bow pin. Style the bangs your way, braid them or let them stay loose. Wearing a synthetic wig does not limit you to wear it same all the way. Be creative to personalize your wig.

5. Tame down the Shine

Sometime synthetic wigs are way too shiny which look very plastic and unnatural. To hamper the shine; sprinkle a little hair powder or talcum powder on your wig and run through your fingers the entire wig.
Synthetic hair wigs are handy for everyone. They provide the freedom of creating edgy looks and the very natural flouncy looks. Spicing it up with a personal touch can glamorize the new you!

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