Thursday, 21 May 2015

Protect your Eyes in summer with UV Protection Geolica Eyevelyn Lenses

An average user of contact lenses realizes that they need special care with their contact lenses in spring and autumn. The seasonal allergies can catch you in your worst but little do they know that blazing sun might also harm your eyes along with your skin. Neglecting your eyes against sun protection whilst slathering sun block lotion at skin can only make you a fool. UV rays harm your eyes the same way, they harm your skin. Protect your eyes by wearing Geolica Eyevelyn contact lenses with UV protection.

I think people don’t realize how important it is to protect your eyes,” said Boone, the office manager at the Lawrence Family Vision Clinic, 3111 W. Sixth St. It is crucial to protect your eyes from UV rays all around the year; but in summer you should be taking strong measures to intercept the UV rays reaching your eyes. UV protection contact lenses come handy during summer. However; to ensure maximum protection try forming an extra layer of protection using hats, shades or sun glasses that vow to block 98 to 100% of the UVA & B rays.

Elizabeth Crandon, optometrist at Crandon & Crandon Optometry, 1019 Massachusetts St., said UV rays from the sun can damage the surface of the cornea, causing a condition called photokeratitis, which is similar to “welder’s burn.”
“This can be very painful, but luckily, symptoms last only a day or two,” she said.
During summer, hay fever affects hundreds of the people. Since the sun rays cause great damage to the cornea, eyes become inflamed and discharge begins. This could lead to reduce tolerance to contact lenses. Continuing to wear contact lenses during an eye infection is never fun. Always replace your contact lenses with a fresh pair after you recover from an eye infection.

Before going out always arm yourself with UV protection contact lenses. Let’s revise an elementary lesson that prevention is better than cure.

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