Monday, 4 May 2015

Eye Discharge & Burning Sensation: A Warning Bell for People Wearing Contact Lenses

Eye discharge when is accompanied by burning sensation & itching usually refers to an eye infection. A light discharge is harmless but if it changes color, consistency & leave crush able/beady residues at the eye corners and lashes; one must consult the ophthalmologist. On the other hand if you regularly wear prescription contact lenses, do take a note of the following factors. Often times; unhygienic practices with contact lenses induce bacteria transmission & attract viral infections.

Common causes of an eye infection that is accompanied by itching/burning/discharge/inflammation & irritation are given below:
  • Wearing over the counter/cheap contact lenses
  • Wearing unclean contact lenses
  • Sharing contact lenses with friends & family
  • Wearing contact lenses for the extended period of time
  • Wearing expired contact lenses
  • Wearing sub standard/ expired eye drops
  • Sharing eye makeup

Contact lenses and contact lens cases might be the breeding bed of germs. Bacterial accumulation over contact lenses helps spread the contagious disease. The parasitic introduction to eyes through unhygienic contact lenses can lead to complete corneal devouring.

Therefore, always follow the care & instructions thatcome with your contact lenses. Circle lenses & colored contacts are fun & function yet they are medical devices. Always handle them with care and practice hygiene. Keep your nails trimmed & never allow your contact lenses to come into contact with water.

Contact lenses that are FDA approved reduce the risk of infections to 99.99% if 100% healthy habits are observed. 

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