Saturday, 9 May 2015

Soft Romantic Wig: Lolita Wig AG

Lolita wig AG is a beautiful combination of perfectly cut blunt bangs, a dainty side braid & lose lolita curls. The wig is beautiful color and since is made through color mixed technology it is bound to appear slightly different in color as the lighting changes. Lolita Wig AG is very soft & light weight whereas it also has a flattering bounce. 

The wig does not tangle no matter how much you use it. It is natural looking wig but with exposures to different lights the wig may change its color from lavender blonde to vivid purple. "Firstly, what I really like about it is the design. It's quite full and has nice volume which creates a really nice shape, unlike some other wigs that just lay completely flat on my head which looks really weird. The curls are big, soft and bouncy and the bangs were already perfectly cut so I didn't have to trim or adjust anything at all. "

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