Friday, 15 May 2015

Barbie Luxury 3 Tones Green

These invigorating green circle lenses make your eyes sparkling. Barbie Luxury 3 tones green are vibrant enough to turn the heads for you. These green lenses are parrot green with yellow tint making them even vibrant. These startling circle lenses produce a glossy touch a.k.a teary eye look that you would often find anime characters with.

Barbie Luxury 3 tones green circle lenses have a natural transition against light colored eyes. The design also allows your eye color to show through the lenses. They are attention-grabbing green circle lenses with a tremendous enlargement effect of 16.2mm.

"My natural eye-color is a greyish-blue. The design is pretty and they blended in with my real eye color. As in comfort, they're really comfortable to wear. Still, I try to wear them less than 8 hours as recommended." Read more of the review at Rin Cosplay

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