Saturday, 9 May 2015

Kaneki Makeup Look with Phantasee Sunpyre Red Black Lenses

Tokyo Ghoul Anime series is the current big thing. It probably wont be wrong to say that Sharingan now has been replaced by the Tokyo Ghoul. To cosplay Kaneki eyes; you must put your effort in achieving ghoul like eyes that are totally deadly and terrific. Phantasee Red Black sclera Sunpyre lenses are 22 mm full eye lenses. These lenses are fully round and we suggest only wear if you already have previous experience of wearing big eye circle lenses that are above 16mm.

Phantasee Sunpyre sclea lenses are strongly pigmented opaque circle lenses. The intense red color shines from a far and leave goosebumps on your flesh. They are only meant for theatrical performances or cosplay conventions therefore observe caution if it is going to be your first experience with Sclera lenses.

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