Friday, 22 May 2015

Super Sonico Cosplay Wig

Super Sonico cosplay wig is cute pastel pink wig that measures 60cm. It is very ethereal, soft and light to wear. The wig is free from ridiculous shine and is perfect replica for the character's requirement. Super Sonico cosplay wig is made from 100% heat resistant fibers. The bangs can be trimmed to suit your facial features.

Th wig gets a beautiful bounce when you shake it off and tease it slightly at the roots. It boasts a nice volume and stays fit on your scalp without any annoying itching sensation. 

"♡The color of the wig is very light . This is the first time I’ve owned a really light pastel pink wig and I was happy that is not super shiny.Lighter wigs tend to be more shiny than darker wigs.But,under a light that is not that strong , it can look better." See more pictures in Super Sonico cosplay wig review

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