Thursday, 14 May 2015

Celebrity Gossip: Why Does Maxene Magalona Wear Contact Lenses?

Source: Magalona IG

Wearing contact lenses has become a fad. It fortunately has several other benefits along with offering the fashion value. Korean celebrities were the first to spark the rave about contact lenses followed by Holly wood celebrities. Today, contact lenses have now even been endorsed by the famous style gurus, pop stars & your favorite celebrities. Maxene Magalona; the famous Filipina actress loves to play with her looks through colored contact lenses.

Magalona wears graded contact lenses- 150 & 200. Since she is an anchor & an actress she needs to stay prompt on the screen. Only contact lenses can provide vision improvement without creating trifles that your ordinary pair of glasses do.  For the same reason, Magalona cites she had to ditch her glasses for a fabulous pair of contact lenses. I can’t wear glasses on air because of the glare and everything", she said.“That’s why I’ve been wearing lenses since I can remember.”
Yet; she remains meticulous enough to remove contact lenses after 6/8 hours as this is what eye experts suggest. Her love and expertise in contact lenses are not hidden from the masses. 

She can put her favorite contact lenses on even without looking in the mirror. See here:

Isn't she a cute inspiration?

How many minutes do you consume inserting your contact lenses every morning?


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