Thursday, 14 May 2015

3 Grey Circle Lenses for Women over 40 by I-Codi: Available at 15% Off

Every woman wants to receive her fair share of the limelight. Some would want huge attention whereas some would resist yelling for attention. Both types of women, however crave for appreciation, applause & compliments. To look beautifully youthful, women have been spending insanely on cosmetics that claim to take off ages. Though cosmetics do make a difference, the procedure requires enough time before you could actually manage to notice a difference. Women over 40 have been under-estimating the power of contact lenses. If you want to cut off straight 10 years of your age; get I-Codi grey circle lenses at 15% off now.

I-Codi boasts a luxurious series of natural looking contact lenses under its belt- branded as “Colors of the Wind”. These circle lenses are characterized as being ethereal, natural looking & making your eyes look awakened. I-Codi Colors of the wind has an array of colored contact lenses including many different shades of green, blue, brown and most importantly grey. Grey being the most natural looking shade makes the most sought after contact lenses. I-Codi Colors of the Wind Grey lenses compliment every woman irrespective of age and race. Women over 40 are especially inclined towards I-Codi Colors of the Wind grey circle lenses. The Hot-Selling models are:

  1. Colors of the Wind No 48 Silver Grey
  2. Colors of the Wind No 42 Natural Grey
  3. Colors of the Wind No 44 Misty Grey

These grey circle lenses feature moderately defined limbal ring. As you age (turns 40); your limbal ring begins to fade. This is why these circle lenses focus on redefining the limbal ring- the colored edge that separates eye white from the colored part.

The pattern is very sophisticated that blends in beautifully with your natural eye color. The small size of pupil hole enables contact lenses to cleverly cover the color of your own eyes. The entwinement of color & design is so intact that when the lenses fuse with your natural eye color; they emit soft vibes.

I-Codi Colors of the Wind grey circle lenses ensure depth. They add grace & elegance to your persona whereas carefully taking care of making you look young, refreshed & energized. Ageing shouldn't be a frightening experience but fun. Be the cynosure of all eyes – Get I-Codi Colors of the Wind grey circle lenses at 15% off. 

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