Friday, 8 May 2015

Vibrant Circle Lenses & Wigs for Jaw-Dropping Transformation

Circle lenses along with wig help you get a fascinating personality. If you feel confident staying in the limelight then the following selected lenses & wigs are for you.

Cosplay Wig Vocaloid Miku C

  1. Very lovely vibrant wig
  2. Lovely teal green wig with soft fibers
  3. Thick & fluffy
  4. Easy to comb
  5. Hair does not shed with combing

  1. Sweet pastel colors
  2. Soft to feel and light weight
  3. Easy to fit/adjustable
  4. Does not tangle

  1. Very striking & vibrant gold lenses
  2. Swirly pattern that looks mysterious
  3. Beautiful enlarging effect
  4. Lovely transition

  1. Dark, deep and mysterious blue
  2. Natural looking dolly enlargement
  3. Kawayii enlargement

  1. Ultra pretty pattern
  2. Extremely vibrant
  3. Make your eyes stand out
  4. Suitable for light colored eyes and for dark too
Review courtesy of : Nyokonin

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