Monday, 4 May 2015

One of the Most Richly Designed Circle Lenses: Bambi Blue by Kimchi & Barbie

The ethereal pattern & the mesmerizing hue of Bambi blue circle lenses create a bewitching impact. The entwinement of the daisy-like pattern with the 3 charismatic tones helps creating an unworldly dolly eye look.

The empyreal Bambi blue leaves your eyes stunningly adorable. The 16.2 mm huge enlargement creates an illusion of bigger eyes whereas the intensity of the strong pigments covers your eye color exceptionally well. Barbie Bambi blue circle lenses stay comfortable in eyes whilst making mind-blowing & edgy statement.

Due to the opacity of Bambi blue circle lenses; they make your eyes attractive & attention grabbing. The orange dusty-pattern around the pupil helps blending the color with your original eye color. Bambi blue are captivating. The exquisite arrangement of the black limbal ring, impeccable blue design & the orange pollen-like pattern make your eyes look like a magical element of a fictional story.

Bambi blue are perfect for cosplays due to the richness of design & color. Wear them for bold & dramatic looks or wear them to spice-up your magnetic personality a bit more! Bambi blue by Barbie are available for $16 whereas the similar design by Kimchi is for $22.90

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