Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Amazing Transformations: Kimchi Bambi Violet along with Sailor Moon & Legend of Sword & Fairy Wigs

Kimchi Bambi violet are very deep startling violet lenses. The beautiful pattern boasts unworldly sparkle. These violet lenses scream loud for the attention. Kimchi Bambi violet lenses are extra ordinarily vivid thus make a perfect choice for cosplays. They create an illusion of big dolly eyes that certainly exist in fairy tales only. The enlargement effect produced by them is more than perfect. Kimchi Bambi violet adorn your eyes with jaw-dropping anime eye effect.

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Kimchi Bambi violet bring out a doll in you with paired with black and turquoise wigs. With Sailor Moon Kaiou Michiru wig; you look vivacious and a character of a fanfic- totally mind blowing. Sailor Moon Kaiou wig is neither thin nor thick. It is a pretty shade of turquoise. The wig luckily does not shine even though it is synthetic. Also it does not get tangled easily that makes the wig easier to handle, maintain & comb. 

On the other hand Zhao Linger Legend of Sword & Fairy black wig is a wig that will hold others spell-bounded. This unique character specific wig has a beautiful hair style. It comes with two buns, angular bangs, fringes and two long ques that add to the length of the wig. The wig is very soft & comfortable to wear with no styling required at all. 

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