Friday, 29 May 2015

Vivacious Lens Story Dolly+ Red Lenses

These radiant red circle lenses make your eyes the center of attention. They cover your eye color and make your eyes shine. Lens Story Dolly+ red circle lenses make a bold appearance. These circle lenses are full of energy & life; thus are perfect for cosplays. 

The enlargement provided by Lens Story Dolly+ red is freaking dolly. The strong red color help fetching attention whereas the black outer ring make your eyes pop out. They are striking & vibrant which make them a perfect choice for photoshoots.

"There have a animeish style so there perfect for Cosplay!Its a beautiful strong red that cover up my real eye color perfectly.It consisist two colors.Black on the outer edge followed by that awesoem red on the inner edge.They're 16mm big, so the enlarge effect is very good!" says Jacky in her Lens Story Dolly+ red lenses review

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