Wednesday, 13 May 2015

4 Ways to Reduce Pre-Mature Skin Ageing

Age defying creams can do wonders but only when the proper care & preventive measures are taken. Premature skin ageing is caused by several factors-life style/ activities being the most important one. By improving life conditions you can reduce the signs of premature skin ageing that involve appearance of fine lines/wrinkles, loose/sagging skin, enlarged pores, dry & brittle skin, lack-lustrous skin or thin skin. Through Korean skin care products & cosmetics you help relieve the symptoms as Korean cosmetics work solely on skin’s rejuvenation.

Avoid Sun Tanning

Instead of going crazy at the beach for a sexy tan, it is better to seek shades when the climate is hot. Apply self-tanner if this is what craving you. Wear full & loose clothes. Slather sun protection broad spectrum balm with SPF 30+ in huge quantity & further intercept the UV rays using cosmetics that are enriched generously with SPF factor such as Skin79 BB cream & Skin79 BB pacts.

Avoid Repetitive Facial Expressions

Keep your facial expressions calm. If you are habitual of making repetitive facial expressions such as frowning or squinting, you are contracting your same underlying muscles for many years. This causes premature skin aging and facilitates the formation of winkles.

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol is dangerous for both skin and general health. It is dehydrating to the body, turns skin thinner & brittle. Even cosmetics that contain alcohol should be avoided. Use organic cosmetics as Korean celebrities emphasize upon. Skin79 is a Korean skin care brand that stands up to expectations & keep your skin youthful & glowing with its age defying healthy bio ingredients.

Follow Korean Skin Care Regimen

Korean skin care is a complete code of women’s skin care & beauty. From cleansing to exfoliating & scrubbing, the regime has much to offer for improving women health & beauty. Always be very careful about washing your face at least twice a day. Cleanse, tone & moisturize regularly & pick your face masks wisely to eradicate your direct concerns in no time.


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