Friday, 15 May 2015

Barbie Romana Grey: Perfect Circle Lenses for Light Eyes

These circle lenses display a beautiful floral pattern that makes them unique. The enlargement is very impressive i.e. 16.2 mm. Barbie Romana grey circle lenses ensure that your eyes look shimmery & glossy with a sweet doll eye effect. These circle lenses possess a darker outer ring that makes your eyes appear wider, awakened and bigger. 

Barbie Romana grey circle lenses have a natural transition. They fade naturally with whatever the eye color you might have. Even though the size is huge, they are not uncomfortable even the slightest. They remain moist in your eyes and also keep them look natural. 

"These lenses are incredibly comfortable to the point where I don’t even feel them on my eyes. I was able to wear them for much longer (8h) than I usually am able to wear my other lenses (4-6h). They don’t make my eyes feel dry nor do they tire them. I also found these lenses to be incredibly useful for my Kaneki cosplay that I’m planning to make because they give the finishing touch to the simplicity of his costume."

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