Saturday, 9 May 2015

Gyaru Inspired Look with I-CODI Colors of the Wind Orange No 10 & Amnesia Heroine Wig

Get the Gyaru look with I-CODI Colors of the Wind Orange lenses & Amnesia Cosplay wig. The lenses are from the brown family but are way too vibrant to be called brown. Therefore they are named orange. The enlargement is really subtle and they look totally outstanding when worn on light colored eyes. I-Codi Colors of the Wind orange lenses let your original eye color bleed through the lenses in a jarring way. On dark eyes; the effect might be slightly different.

Amnesia cosplay wig has a beautiful blonde color. It is perfect for fancy events and occasions. Th color is natural looking & the wig is quite thick. The wig features bangs, a braid and soft curls at the bottom that give it a sweet dolly effect. The wig also comes with a side bun that adds drama to the base wig. 

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