Saturday, 9 May 2015

Dazzling Grey Lenses: I.Fairy Yuri Grey

These grey circle lenses are one of the most dazzling circle lenses. I.Fairy Yuri grey lenses are well-adorned circle lenses with a very flattering design. The swirly pattern and the multiple tones make these circle lenses different from other brands. These are super dramatic lenses and look like gems in your eyes. 

The dotted shimmery pattern further adds beauty to the design. I.Fairy Yuri grey lenses stay dominant in eyes and can be easily noticed even from a far.

 "The design is really pretty! Like the other one that I reviewed, this design is very unique unlike other ones. Because of the design it’s more vibrant. It will really make your eyes pop and everyone will be complimenting :) 

The enlargement is decent. It does make a difference when I put them on. Not a huge difference but there is some haha. It’s not very noticeable I guess. More natural than the usual dolly eye circle lenses." Read complete review of I.Fairy Yuri grey review

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